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CASP International Network: Evidence-Based Practice E-learning module

Posted on 6th March 2013 by

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This resource is a tutorial, providing a thorough introduction to Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). It describes in detail how to formulate specific questions when searching for evidence on a problem, how to find this evidence using online databases, and how to evaluate and appraise the evidence found. It also outlines the economic modelling and cost-assessments behind healthcare choices.

Student Opinion:

3 out of 5

  • Content is very interesting and informative, and the information flows well – each section leads onto the next in an understandable order.
  • May not be appropriate for the target audience however – probably too much content for school students to take in, and quiz questions which ask about “situations you came across in your practice” will be tricky for university students as well.
  • Answering quiz questions by writing into boxes is not a great way of getting people to think about a problem, since formulating and typing an answer into a blank box is quite intimidating. Just a question e.g. “Take a minute to think about how you would combine the concepts…” or some multiple choice responses (where possible) would probably get people to actually think more, and make them feel more connected with the tutorial…otherwise they might just switch off and lose interest if typing into the box feels too complicated.
  • The examples used to demonstrate concepts are also quite complicated for anyone other than a doctor or reasonably advanced medical student…if they could be more basic examples then it might be easier to understand.


http://www.casp-uk.net/#!casp-international/c1zsi [1]

[1] E-learning Module [Internet]. CASP International; [updated 25 November 2005; cited 6 March 2013]. Available from: http://www.casp-uk.net/#!casp-international/c1zsi


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