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EBM resources – Type I and Type II errors and the Facebook friend finder

Posted on 17th May 2013 by

Learning Resources
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This month’s Student BMJ has an evidence-based medicine theme, and along with articles featuring student and expert perspectives (including one from our own David Carroll) is this little gem. This uses the Facebook friend finder as analogous to any diagnostic test that might be used clinically, and offers elegant and memorable explanations of sensitivity and specificity. As a relatively short and easy to read article, it shouldn’t take more than 5 or 10 minutes to introduce anyone new to medical statistics to the topic or to refresh your memory. Anyone familiar with social media will doubtless find this a memorable explanation.


http://student.bmj.com/student/view-article.html?id=sbmj.f2584 [1]

[1] Sky KH Chew, Art Chew. The Facebook friend finder. Student BMJ 2013;21:f2584 [Internet]. 10 May 2013 [cited 17 May 2013]; DOI: 10.1136/sbmj.f2584. Available from: http://student.bmj.com/student/view-article.html?id=sbmj.f2584


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