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Henry Drysdale and Aaron Dale

Henry Drysdale is a graduate-entry medical student at St Anne’s College, Oxford. He graduated with a first class BSc in Physics from Imperial College London, where he specialised in medical imaging and computational physics. He is also a Physics and Maths tutor for A-Level and undergraduate students in Oxford. Henry has a special interest in anesthetics, in which he plans to pursue a clinical and academic career. He is also passionate about improving the quality of evidence on which clinical decisions are made. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aaron Dale is a graduate-entry medicine student at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford. He holds a BA in Natural Sciences and an MSci in Biochemistry from Churchill College, University of Cambridge. Aaron completed an MRC Capacity-Building PhD Studentship in drug discovery at The School of Pharmacy, University College London for work on the symmetric bis-benzimidazole series of compounds as potential anti-microbial agents. He has personally volunteered as a patient in several phase 1 clinical trials and has a keen interest in improving the standards of clinical trial reporting to build a stronger evidence base for medical treatments. He has contributed to several articles in the Student BMJ on how to improve evidence-based medicine.

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