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S4BE’s good for your CV!

""Keeping your CV or résumé up to date is important, particularly if you are about to leave university. Becoming an S4BE Contributor or Pioneer is another useful item to add to your CV and shows you’ve been doing extracurricular work which will always win you brownie points with future employers!

Below is information on how you can list the work you’ve been doing for S4BE on your CV…

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If you are an S4BE Contributor:

Being an S4BE Contributor means you irregularly blog for us (don’t worry you are still a very key part of our network!). All students start as Contributors on S4BE and when you’ve published your first blog, you are automatically given your own page on the website, i.e. Alice’s page: https://s4be.cochrane.org/blog/author/alice-buchan/. The URL should look as follows:


You can cite this page in your CV, see this example using Alice Buchan’s S4BE page:

Buchan, A. S4BE Contributor: Alice Buchan. Students 4 Best Evidence: a network for students interested in evidence-based health care. Students4bestevidence.net. Web. Accessed 21 September, 2020. https://s4be.cochrane.org/blog/author/alice-buchan/

If you are an S4BE Pioneer:

S4BE Pioneer’s are students who have written at least three blogs over a period of 12 months. Becoming an S4BE Pioneer means you can receive a certificate stating your time as a Pioneer. This is signed by Martin Burton, Director of the UK Cochrane Centre, S4BE’s supporting partner organisation. This is on top of automatically receiving your webpage that you can cite, as mentioned above.

If you are an S4BE Pioneer and would like to receive your certificate, please email us at general@students4bestevidence.net.

Information for employers:

If you are an employer and would like to check the work an S4BE Contributor or Pioneer has stated in their CV or résumé, please contact us at general@students4bestevidence.net for details.

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