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Understanding evidence-based healthcare: a foundation for action

Posted on 15th January 2013 by

Tutorials and Fundamentals
a foundation for evidence-based healthcare

There are a bunch of useful resources available on the internet for people interested in gaining an understanding of evidence-based healthcare. This resource requires you to register for free before you can access the resources. Once you register, it contains a collection of courses delivered by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health with reference to the American healthcare model. This course has 6 modules and will assess your knowledge before and after completing the course. The modules last from 45 minutes to 80 minutes in length, delivered by an expert in the field.

This course aims to:

  • Successfully navigate the world of medical information,
  • Critically appraise research studies,
  • Influence the creation of responsible public policy in healthcare, and
  • Help the people they serve to make healthcare choices based on the best available evidence

Student opinion:

Very comprehensive and general principles can be gleaned from a thorough collection of videos. Lecture notes are also available. 4 out of 5


Understanding evidence-based healthcare: a foundation for action [Internet].  US Cochrane Center, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg, School of Public Health; [updated 6 January 2012; cited 15 January 2013]. Available from: http://us.cochrane.org/understanding-evidence-based-healthcare-foundation-action


Andrew Harper

Andrew Harper (http://about.me/andrewharper) is a New England Journal of Medicine Scholar. He is a final year medical student at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom and has gained an MSc in Medical Genetics with distinction. His current clinical interests are in cardiology, but he also has research and teaching interests. He has published a wide-range of research articles. You can follow Andrew on twitter (@arharper17) to find out how genomics and digital health can improve healthcare. View more posts from Andrew

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