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Young people’s involvement in a systematic review

Posted on 4th February 2013 by

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This is a PDF file of a PowerPoint presentation. It describes the involvement of “Young People” in a systematic review of studies assessing the efficacy of interventions encouraging “looked after children” to attend school.

It describes how the process of systematic review had to be modified to allow young people to participate. It also briefly describes the results of the study.

Student opinion:

3 out of 5

An interesting concept is described here, but because the oral presentation accompanying the PowerPoint is not available, the PowerPoint makes less sense and important aspects are missed out: What is the rationale for using young people? How young is a “young person”?

Despite this, it does provide a lot of useful information and would be a good starting point for anyone interested in starting a similar project.


http://consumers.cochrane.org/sites/consumers.cochrane.org/files/uploads/Liabo-Young%20People%27s%20involvement%20in%20a%20systematic%20review.pdf [1]

[1] Liabo K. Young people’s involvement in a systematic review {Presentation, PDF]. Cochrane Consumer Network, National Institute for Health Research; [cited 4 February 2013]. Available from: http://consumers.cochrane.org/sites/consumers.cochrane.org/files/uploads/Liabo-Young%20People%27s%20involvement%20in%20a%20systematic%20review.pdf


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