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Communicating with patients on evidence

Posted on 2nd April 2013 by

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communicating with a child patient

This resource is about how clinicians should communicate with patients on evidence-based medicine. It also tells us that engaging patients in decision-making roles can lead to a better clinical outcome. And this involves delivering evidences of treatments to them.

Student Opinion:

Score: 3 out of 5

A summary of the discussion paper in the link should be provided. The most relevant topic to students in HOW to communicate evidence with patients is not mentioned in this web page. However, what we can learn here is that clinicians should actively involve patients in deciding their own treatment regimens. This further implies the paternalism of medicine is long gone and students should know about this before they start working as doctors.


[1] Anon. Communicating with patients on evidence [Internet]. Testing Treatments Interactive; [cited 2 April 2013]. Available from: http://www.testingtreatments.org/communicating-with-patients-on-evidence/


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