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“Eating bacon sandwiches is bad for you!”: evaluating risk

Posted on 17th May 2013 by

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man eating a bacon sandwich

Name of resource:

Evaluating risk: are bacon sandwiches bad for you? [1]

What is the resource about?

The resource is about how to work out the risk of eating bacon sandwiches everyday.

Who is it aimed at?

It’s aimed at 11 – 16 year olds but I personally think it should be aimed more at 13 – 16 year olds, as it was quite hard.

bacon sandwichHow long might it take to finish?

I think it will take quite a long time, especially if you find percentages hard. Just to do the first worksheet and watch the first two videos, took nearly an hour.

What I think of it:

I think it’s quite good, as I understand that the risk increases by 20%, but i’m not really sure why. I think it could be better by explaining, why and how it increases the risk.  I liked the first videos because they were quite clear and to the point however, I couldn’t get one of his presentations to work, and maybe that’s why I found it difficult and didn’t really understand it. I found the third video a bit confusing, as it seemed to have nothing to do with the bacon sandwiches theme, so I felt none the wiser for having watched that video.



[1] David Spiegelhalter. Motivate: “Eating bacon sandwiches is bad for you!” Evaluating Risk [Internet]. Cambridge: University of Cambridge, Millennium Maths Project; 2008 [cited 17 May 2013]. Available from: http://motivate.maths.org/content/MathsHealth/Risk/


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