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Evidence-based clinical decisions: what do patients want?

Posted on 6th June 2013 by

Learning Resources
nurse and elderly man

This slideshow looks at how the evidence can be applied in practice, taking into consideration a variety of other factors, particularly the wishes and decisions of the patient.


This is largely aimed at clinicians, but medical students are also likely to find this a useful insight into clinical decision-making.


This slideshow uses the case of an elderly man at otherwise low stroke risk, but who is terrified of having a stroke, and in this context looks at the evidence for the risks and benefits of anticoagulant therapy, as well as how that intersects with a variety of other factors at the health policy level.

My Opinion

I liked the use of a case study to illustrate some of the issues that can be encountered when trying to practice EBM, and thought that this illustrated nicely that the evidence-based decision isn’t necessarily always the ‘right’ one for the individual patient.


Haynes B. EB clinical decisions: what do patients want? Slides from a talk given in 2004. Available here: http://ebm.bmj.com/content/8/1/suppl/DC3


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