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Evidence-based Medicine Blog Writing Competition for Malaysian students

Posted on 19th May 2017 by

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Entries for the blog writing competition have now closed!  Once all entries have been judged, the winners will be announced, and the winning blog will be posted on the Students 4 Best Evidence website.

As a reminder, undergraduate and postgraduate students of health in Malaysia, were invited to write an original blog in English on one of the following:

·       Evidence based health practice – a fairytale or reality? 

·       Challenges in learning Evidence Based Medicine and how I overcame them.

This competition was an opportunity offered jointly by Cochrane Malaysia and Penang Medical College with the generous prize of USD500 book vouchers from Wiley for the three top entries.  Information on the Cochrane Malaysia website can be found here. 

Watch this space for the winning blog!


Selena Ryan-Vig

Selena Ryan-Vig is a Knowledge Broker at Cochrane UK. Her role involves sharing Cochrane evidence in accessible ways, managing Cochrane UK's website and social media accounts, and producing newsletters. With a colleague, Selena delivers interactive sessions to students from Years 10 to 13 to teach about evidence-based practice and to encourage critical thinking, particularly around healthcare claims made in the media. She also co-delivers talks for students to raise awareness of Cochrane and reliable, evidence-based resources. She has a psychology degree from the University of Bath. During her degree, she worked for a national charity which provides support for young women. View more posts from Selena

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