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Introducing Evidology – a group of Mexican students interested in evidence-based practice

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This blog shines a spotlight on Evidology, a group of Mexican students (including MSc and Ph.D. students).
The group consists of physicians, medical residents, and health related students. The group consists of students in different fields of medicine and psychology tied together by their interest in evidence-based practice and now also by our friendship.
This project started about 3 years ago as a small group that got together to drink coffee every Friday. Some of us were already Cochrane authors for different groups, others were beginning to work on systematic reviews, and others were there for the sake of evidence. We learned with little guidance but we were passionate about evidence-based practice and this allowed us to grow as a group as we are always encouraging other students to join us in this project.
Each February for the past 3 years, we’ve organized a workshop of evidence-based medicine (EBM) at the most important congress in our hometown Guadalajara (the second largest city in México). For this we’ve invited people from McMaster University, Nottingham University, and Cochrane Mexico.
We’re also teaching students from our university to raise awareness of the importance of EBM. We just became a Cochrane centre and this has given us responsibilities within the Mexican community. Currently, we are working to obtain funding from the government to make the Cochrane library available to everyone in Mexico.
The term Evidology was proposed by Anna Donald who was a pioneer in EBM. We chose this name as we also believe that “getting evidence-based” is not an easy task and formal training needs to be provided to clinicians, patients, insurers and policy makers.


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