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Ahmed Negida

I'm a fifth-year medical student with >30 international publications and >3 years of diverse clinical research experience with researchers in Egypt and worldwide. I act as a reviewer and editor in many international peer-reviewed journals. I'm concerned with building research capacity. In my spare time, I give research workshops to researchers and doctors. Since 2014, I have taught >400 researchers through workshops in different Egyptian governorates and universities. I'm widely involved in clinical research designing, medical statistics, scientific writing, and evidence synthesis. My areas of interest are: (i) Neuroscience, especially Parkinson's disease, pathology, neuroprotection, and deep brain stimulation, (ii) Global Health/Public Health, (iii) clinical research design, biostatistics, Evidence Based Medicine, and research malpractice! My website: www.ahmed-negida.net My team website: www.mrg-egypt.org On ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ahmed_Negida My e-mail: ahmed01251@medicine.zu.edu.eg

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