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If you are among those who want to start up an evidence cell in your medical school. You might be wondering where to get materials, say for a workshop to kick start the whole process. Don’t go anywhere except the Evidence Based Health Care (EBHC) Wiki (and Students 4 Best Evidence!). I was stunned by the amount of materials available at EBHC wiki. It provides everything you need from study designs to diagnostic tools. Everything you just need for learning and practicing EBM in a single website!

What is EBHC wiki?

Evidence Based Health Care (EBHC) wiki is a very helpful site, started by a group of present and past Oxford students, for those who are in need of information and resources to aid themselves in their studies or anything related to EBM.

What are the resources available?

They just don’t provide you with articles and studies alone. But they provide you with a number of useful links including guidance for beginners, various statistical resources, numerous diagnostic and EBM tools and calculators study designs, tools and calculators, links to other helpful sites, guidance on publication research types, even online critical appraisal and journals with abstracts. (Well some of the links are not working though, requiring some updates).

They also provide you with useful computer software for EBHC tasks. (In fact each content needs a separate review to get a complete idea, but that require a lot of time and space). If you need pre-appraised evidence? Do you want to make a chart or some data tables or some analytical software? Or need videos or power-point presentations used in Centre for Evidence Based Medicine workshops for organizing an EBM workshop? They’re available free in here. You can also get help with getting your paper published.

Even if you are a beginner you will get anything you need from here. It also provides links to apply for EBHC programme at Oxford.

How to use this resource?

It’s simple! Just go to home page, find what you need in the list on left side of the page and go to respective pages.

Link to the website:



[1] EBHC critical appraisal online [internet]. EBHC Wiki; available at: http://ebhc.wikispaces.com/Criteria+for+evaluation+and+reporting+of+pre-appraised+evidence

[2] EBHC Tips For Learners [internet]. EBHC Wiki; available at: http://ebhc.wikispaces.com/EBHC+Tips+For+Learners

[3] EBHC valuable internet sites [internet]. EBHC WIki; available at: http://ebhc.wikispaces.com/EBHC+Valuable+Internet+Sites

[4] EBHC video and Power-point teaching presentations [internet]. EBHC Wiki; available at:http://ebhc.wikispaces.com/EBHC+Videos+and+Power+Point+Presentation

[5] EBHC Guidence on Publication Research types [internet]. EBHC wiki; available at: http://ebhc.wikispaces.com/EBHC+Guidance+on+Publication+Research+Types

[6] EBHC Tools and Calculators [internet]. EBHC wiki; available at: http://ebhc.wikispaces.com/EBHC+Tools+and+Calculators

[7] Useful Computer Softwares For EBHC [internet]. EBHC Wiki; available at: http://ebhc.wikispaces.com/Useful+Computer+Software+For+EBHC

[8] EBHC Get Published Open Access[internet]. EBHC Wiki; availabe at: http://ebhc.wikispaces.com/EBHC+Get+Published+Open+Access

[9] How to make a paper publishable [internet]. EBHC Wiki; available at: http://ebhc.wikispaces.com/How+to+make+a+Paper+Publishable

[10] Pre-appraised evidence [internet]. EBHC Wiki; avilable at: http://ebhc.wikispaces.com/Pre-appraised+evidence

[11] Evidence Based Health Care, Research programmes available at Oxford, available at: http://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/postgraduate_courses/course_guide/evidencebased.html


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