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Cochrane Climate-Health Working Group welcomes new members

Posted on 29th October 2021 by


As people around the planet observe World Environment Day on June 5, those of us working within Cochrane may wonder how we can contribute to alleviating the world’s environmental problems.  In recent years there has been increasing awareness that climate change poses major challenges for human health and health systems.  The Cochrane Climate-Health Working Group has brought together many passionate and committed people from all parts of the organization to consider the health impacts of climate change. They believe that Cochrane has an important role to play in preparing and disseminating relevant and rigorous evidence syntheses to support decision-making in this crucial area.

Cochrane Climate-Health Working Group welcomes new members
They welcome new members, from any part of Cochrane and any part of the world. No particular background or expertise with climate change is needed, just an interest in learning more.

Originally posted on community.cochrane.org on June 1, 2021


Emma Carter

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